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Julene T. Weaver, MA/ABS, LMHC

Title: Julene T. Weaver, MA/ABS, LMHC
Category: Seattle, WA
Clicks: 32
Listing added: May 26, 2011

Psychotherapy in the 'Wise Woman Tradition' and Somatic Practices,

so you will Keep The Change. Have you come to a crossroad

and know your life cannot stay the same? I offer a safe space 

in the Ravenna neighborhood in Seattle to slow down and take an inventory;

a place for you to do the work that will lead to change.

Tuning in to your inner wisdom is the first step!

[visit my website - just click my picture, or the link below]

MyShrink Reciprocal URL: http://www.juleneTweaver.com/
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Describe your practice: I value the therapeutic relationship., My practice is holistic, My work is non-pathologizing