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Alternative Healer and Psychotherapist

Title: Alternative Healer and Psychotherapist
Category: Healing Arts
Clicks: 14
Listing added: Nov 16, 2008

Location: 2366 Eastlake Avenue E., Ste. 233, Seattle, Washington.

   "Simply put, you want to heal. You don't want to process your inner turmoil forever and only get to understand it better; you want real change. That's what I help you create.

This ain't your grandpa's therapy--this is some progressive stuff. Working with me, you can experience acupressure tapping to relieve suffering instantly (EFT), hands-over healing, sacred rituals, and amazing visualization work that helps you rescue your young parts (think inner children) so you'll have lasting results.

If you really want to feel better about being you, I can help with that, but you'd better be willing to work. I only take clients who are dedicated to improving their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. Anyone who doesn't really want change need not apply."
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