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Body-Centered Therapists

As you might know from MyShrink, I feel a great indebtedness to body psychotherapy for helping me to become more grounded than I ever was in my life. Many folks have found body psychotherapy worked when no other treatment would help.

The training in body psychotherapy is one of the most rigorous training programs I know. It requires you to have knowlege of the brain and first hand (i.e personal) experience in working with the nervous system. I found Bonnie Badenoch's comment (Being a Brain-Wise Therapist) reflective of my own sentiments:

"Now the work has been placed in the hands of a third generation of therapists, whose job it is to forge connections between the knowledge about the brain and our relationships in the counseling room. Our experience at CHH has taught us that this can't be accomplished by taking a couple of weekend workshops on brain science, listening to a lecture or two, or reading a book."

From: Badenoch, Bonnie (2008) Brain to Brain Applying the wisdom of neuroscience in your practice in Psychotherapy Networker, Sept/Oct 2008.
(I've also included some of the more popular organizations where body psychotherapists are listed.)
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In Victoria BC offering individual, couples counselling and group workshops on the following areas: anxiety, depression, mental health, addictions/substance misuse, grief and loss, change/life transition, PTSD, stress, burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma. Also offering child and youth counselling and parenting consultations/training. Offering movement psychotherapy that includes 5Rhythms movement, Gestalt Awareness, Integrative Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Transformation.
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Psychotherapy in the 'Wise Woman Tradition' and Somatic Practices,
so you will Keep The Change. Have you come to a crossroad
and know your life cannot stay the same? I offer a safe space 
in the Ravenna neighborhood in Seattle to slow down and take an inventory;
a place for you to do the work that will lead to change.

Tuning in to your inner wisdom is the first step!

[visit my website - just click my picture, or the link below]

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Dr. Gayle Way is a Registered Psychologist and feminist therapist with over 25 years experience in the practice of Clinical Psychology. She has worked extensively with survivors of psychological trauma and emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

Gayle workks with men and women in Individual and Couples Therapy. She possesses special expertise in issues relating to gay men and women and clients coping with anxiety, depression and relationship problems. She is also a co-founder and pioneer in the practice of Energetic Self-Manifestation (ESM), a blend of "talk therapy" ad a new form of energy healing which brings about healing on all levels - spiritual, psychological, mental and physical.
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Deeply distressed by anxiety or depression? Avoiding people and situations because of how you feel? Are there times when you feel it's just not worth it? If you long to live a better life, don't give up. You can recover and enjoy living. I strive to accept you where you are and challenge myself to value diversity in all manifestations. It's my sincere goal to provide you with the acceptance, support and guidance you need throughout your recovery. Start to reclaim your life. Click my link.
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I am a registered clinical counselor, & my private practice is located downtown Vancouver. I strive to provide my clients with much needed safety and support, and I use my experience and training to help clients meet their goals. When I work with my clients I remain mindful and respectful of their individuality, their comfort level in therapy, and I maintain continued focus on their strengths. If you wish to learn more about my services, & therapeutic orientation, please visit my website.
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Psychotherapy for adults and adolescents suffering from symptoms of trauma, anxiety, and depression. Counselling for relationship issues, personal growth, life transitions, and family-of-origin issues. Increased psychological well-being and more satisfying relationships via a mind-body treatment approach integrating traditional talk therapy approaches (Psychodynamic, Family Systems, and Cognitive-Behavioural) with cutting-edge Self-Regulation Therapy (SRT).
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I provide relationship and individual counselling with an emphasis on a mind-body approach. I have experience in trauma, self esteem, depression, anxiety and lesbian and gay clientele.
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  “My psychotherapy approach is body-centered, with focus on the brain and nervous system and how to help processing and release of stress and trauma. I am most interested in helping people build a compassionate self understanding and minimizing the tendency to see one's self as pathology.”
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Drs. Lynne Zettl and Edward Josephs are founders of the CFTRE. They have travelled all over the world to train therapists in Self-Regulation Therapy.
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